Dealer Support

IMS-(Inventory Management System)

IMS is the system to “visualize” the dealership inventory by model, grade and body color and manage the freshness and volume. It enables us to see the expected arrival volume per specification as well as the current backorders in a certain specification, etc. As a result, we can manage the inventory more precisely. IMS is installed at Toyota Dealerships.

SLIM Support – System Establishment, Operation, Maintenance
and Customization

We enable procurement of SLIM, IMS hardware and implementation; support the Distributor in SLIM operations; support the Dealers by training them to use IMS and other related operations; provide SLIM application customization and maintenance of SLIM system; and support in handling Distributor and Dealer enquires about SLIM and IMS.

DCAC (Dealer Customer Assistance Center) Solutions

We offer Solutions to Dealers across India, which will enable Customers to reach out to Dealers for any Enquiry, Test Drive, Service booking Complaints and Feedback.

We thoroughly study the Call Centre operations of Dealers with Kaizen spirits and provide Call Centre Tailor made Infrastructure solutions.
Our solution helps Call Centre operator to identify Customers, Voice recording and required MIS reports, which shall supports dealers to achieve Customer Satisfaction and increase efficiency of Call Centre Operations.

Our Solutions

For High volume calls  : i-CMS (intelligent -Call Management System), which has facility to identify Customer, Voice recording and MIS reports

For Mid volume  calls  : Softpbx – Server based solution with voice recording and MIS reports

Logger solution with  Voice recording and MIS reports

SMB – (Service Management Board)

SMB (Service Management Board) is a system to visualize the appointment status of service stalls for periodical inspections and general maintenance, as well as the work status. As the information is shared with daily work planning and progress management, it allows dealership staff to provide better assistance in a timely manner.

SPM (Sales Process Management)

SPM (sales process management) is a visual control tool for the sales team to manage their inquiries on day to day basis. It supports sales team in registering new inquires, follow up of the inquiries and post sales follow up activities for the customers. It is a two LCD screen panel to displays necessary information for the sales officers to manage all appointments and work progress.

CS Board-(Customer Satisfaction Board)

CS Board(Customer Satisfaction Board) is installed in the waiting area such as Owner’s Lounge where customers wait while their car is being serviced. TV monitor displays vehicle’s work progress in real time