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e- CRB

Evolutionary Customer Relationship Building is a unique Kaizen system which aims to build a long term, trusting relationship between a dealer and its customers. e-CRB originated from a series of Kaizen (continuous improvement) activities in dealer operations. Precious know-how gained through many Kaizen activities forms the foundation of e-CRB. It creates and comprehensively manages various customer approach plans by dealers such as periodical inspections and general services. In addition, it is linked to the Call Center (iCMS), SPM and SMB in order to realize “Timely follow-up for all customers” and provide “Sophisticated Contact Experience”.


Intelligent Customer Relationship Optimization Program

“i-CROP” is the core system of “e-CRB”. Based on the customer database and sales activity history, it automatically creates an activity plan for each sales staff, service advisor and engineer, and comprehensively manages them.

e-CRB Application Support

System Establishment, Operation, Maintenance and Customization

We provide strong support from procurement of hardware, application, implementation to support in operation and maintenance of the “e-CRB” systems implemented at each dealership. We assist the dealer for any inquiries and requests. When necessary, our Global Help Desk located in Japan provides assistance to us. All inquiries and requests are stored in the database so that they can be shared with other overseas markets. This also allows sharing of the know- how and resources, contributing to efficient and quick solutions.

Distributor support ( SLIM )

Tools for SLIM

(Sales Logistics Integrated Management)

SLIM uses a set of monitors which displays every single vehicle in all processes between production, logistics and sales by icon. We can track the vehicle in different processes from production start in the plant to delivery to the customer, and monitor the lead-time and stagnation in each process. The system acts as the central monitoring center of the automotive business. Hence, SLIM is installed at Toyota Distributor’s place.


(Inventory Management System)

IMS is the system to “visualize” the dealership inventory by model, grade and body color and manage the freshness and volume. It enables us to see the expected arrival volume per specification as well as the current backorders in a certain specification, etc. As a result, we can manage the inventory more precisely. IMS is installed at Toyota Dealerships.

SLIM Support

System Establishment, Operation, Maintenance and Customization

We enable procurement of SLIM, IMS hardware and implementation; support the Distributor in SLIM operations; support the Dealers by training them to use IMS and other related operations; provide SLIM application customization and maintenance of SLIM system; and support in handling Distributor and Dealer enquires about SLIM and IMS.

Software Development

We, at TCIN, provide customized software development services on request. We are currently working onsite on migration of websites to Cloud platform.

We have successfully completed two projects on Application Migration Systems .

Value Additions

Kaizen Support

To ensure that the implemented system is functioning effectively, we need to educate the manager and staff, improve the existing work flow and operation by Kaizen, and change the mentality of the organization. We provide our Kaizen education by Genchi Genbutsu based on the Kaizen know-how of TPS and the latest systems together.

Human Resource Development Support
It is essential to develop human resources of the workplace to maximize performance and streamline system. We provide training depending on the needs, from short-term training to development of training packages which can be utilized by distributors. The best trainers are chosen to train and develop the specialized packages. These standardized training packages emphasize uniform quality training to all.

Used Car Assessment Training

Kaizen in Used Car business brought about the necessity for training used cars assessors (or purchase officers) to level up their skills, to streamline and bring about a uniform system in inspection methods. An inspection expert trained handpicked assessors in various cities and also supported us in creating a specialized training package.

Operation Kaizen

We also provide support based on onsite requests which involve the need for down-to-earth tools and advice in order to solve problems. Please contact us for any such business needs.

Bilingual Resource

We provide a full range of translation and interpretation services from English to Japanese and vice versa. Our network of professional translators provide translation on any subject matter for print and web . We offer

  • Linguistically and culturally appropriate translation
  • Electronic outputs
  • Professional interpreters provide high-quality, effective interpretation services.

We offer the following services at competitive rates:

  • Consecutive/ simultaneous interpretation
  • Automobile/ general subjects
  • Services provided in person or by phone/video conferencing