Software Development

We, at TCIN, provide customized software development services on request. We are currently working onsite on migration of websites to Cloud platform. We have successfully completed two projects on Application Migration Systems.


Value Additions

Learning and Adaptability

We quickly grasp and adapt to the client’s Quality Process and the usage of client-specific references.

Quality of Deliverables

By making judicious mix of veterans and young resources, English-only/Indian Bilingual and Japanese Bilingual resources in the team, we not only deliver the functionality with minimum number of defects; but our quality of Japanese documentation is also maintained at fairly high level.

The Technical Advantage

During the course of development and deployment, we share several technical solutions / methodology to help client team learn new features, in addition to improving re-usability and maintainability.

The Knowledge Advantage

Our team learns the client’s tools, techniques and methodologies, and we have a record of on-time delivery.

Kaizen Support

To ensure that the implemented system is functioning effectively, we need to educate the manager and staff, improve the existing work flow and operation by Kaizen, and change the mentality of the organization. We provide our Kaizen education by Genchi Genbutsu based on the Kaizen know-how of TPS and the latest systems together.